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Alan J. Zell, Ambassador Of Selling

Alan J. Zell, Ambassador Of Selling, has become nationally recognized for his expertise in advising businesses, services, educational, governmental, and organizational entities. Clients seeking his services represent a wide spectrum including accountants, investors, educators, chambers of commerce, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, associations, and non-profit organizations.

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Reader Feedback

Here is what several reader's are saying about Alan Zell's new book, The Elements of Selling:

  • I liked the poem "Selling is . . . " so much, I'm ordering a poster of it for our reception area.

  • The Rule of Selling is so basic, I don't know why it's not in other business books.

  • Repeating the Glossary of Terms before each Element helped me break down my sales barrier.

  • Everyone is in sales seem to be universal but it's not universally accepted or practiced . . . but should.

  • Never realized there are 13 different ways to categorize customers besides calling some clients.

  • "Poor internal selling affects the bottom line." I really never thought about that.

  • When I read "People buy because doing so will make them a better person in their own and others' eyes", I realized that fits me.

  • Would I buy/buy into it the way it was presented or the way I was treated?

  • Know as much about what you don't buy as you do about what you do buy.

  • There is a big difference between knowing and being a know it all.

  • Anyone complaining is really saying: (s)he wants to continue doing business with you.

  • Give the customer more than they think they are paying for fits lots of situations i.e when management hires a new employee, they expect to get more than they are paying for.

  • Finding a need and filling it is different from creating a solution for a need that does not exist.

  • Sell to More New Customer, Sell More to Current Customers opened up some doors for me.

  • If customers don't believe they are getting more than they are paying for, they will offer less or they won't buy . . . the ultimate of less is 0.

  • The variations of the 80/20 Rule surprised me.

  • Find out everything your competitors do including marketing, mailings and advertising.

  • "Change" is a moving constant – an oxymoron possibly – but "change" is something everyone faces.

  • Prior Conversations are the inputs from who knows how many sources that take place before being introduced to what is being offered.

  • The keys to open the doors for a successful business is a different concept for me.

  • Your description for the progression of getting from here to there is eye opening.

  • To get the right answers to the questionnaire in Element 19 caused me to read your book again.

  • The book is an excellent marketing course in 139 pages. Thanks.