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Alan J. Zell, Ambassador Of Selling

Alan J. Zell, Ambassador Of Selling, has become nationally recognized for his expertise in advising businesses, services, educational, governmental, and organizational entities. Clients seeking his services represent a wide spectrum including accountants, investors, educators, chambers of commerce, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, associations, and non-profit organizations.

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Glossary of Terms (as used in Elements of Selling)

  • Buy, Buying = The act of accepting an individual's, business's, or organization's output.
  • Change (verb) = The act of doing or being asked to do something different.
  • Change (noun) = What is going to change.
  • Customers = Anyone being asked to accept and adopt into their personal or business life what is being offered or they are being asked to do.
  • Customer's Customers or 3rd-Party = No matter what you do, you are always talking to a committee, be it a formal or informal committee, because everyone will, at some time carry what they saw, read, heard, sensed, etc. to others.
  • Inventory = All the skills and information one has been able to bring into what one does.
  • Presentation(s) = What others see, hear, read, sense or feel due to what you do, have to offer or ask them to do.
  • Products = Outputs or the end results of one's actions. So, while ideas, information, skills and services are not thought to be products, they will not be until they are put into a format – verbal, written, visual, sensed, felt – that others can use or do as asked.
  • Quality = The level of like ideas, information, services, or products as it compares to like ideas, information, services, or products.
  • Selling = Asking someone to accept and adopt what is being offered. Successful selling happens when what is offered is accepted and put to use.

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